Ambriel Renn-Scanlan has worked with Max Gordon Real Estate Services to purchase two homes. She recently shared her experience working with Max.


Why did you choose Max when buying a home? 

When we were looking for our first home, we were living in Lawrence and didn’t know anything about Kansas City. We didn’t even know where we wanted to live or what type of house we wanted. However, Max was incredibly patient.

When we were looking for our next home, we had a child with special needs, so we were looking for a specific type of house in a specific school district.  Max was incredible in helping us find the right fit. It took a great deal of time, patience, and perseverance!


What did you like best about working with Max?

Max has an incredible eye for properties. He could see things we couldn’t and would warn us about things we really never thought about. For example, we were looking in an older neighborhood, and he was able to spot a potential problem with the sewer system.

He also has a legal eye, which is very helpful during the negotiation process. It just adds an additional layer of protection to the process.

Just was important, he is so easy to work with — very patient, thorough, and efficient with his time and ours.


Would you recommend Max? 

Absolutely. He is one of the best Realtors out there, and he is great to work with.

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