The sale or purchase of real estate is often the largest single purchase we make, and involves negotiation and preparation of legal documents and the consequences can be monumental.  Choose your Realtor® just like you would a physician, attorney or accountant.

This process should involve a face to face interview with several persons who you believe would capably represent your interests. The personal interview will better enable you to determine if you and the Realtor® can work well together and whether the Realtor® demonstrates competence.  Also, before you hire a real estate agent, ask if they are a member of the National Association of Realtors®.

A Realtor® is professional, ethical and experienced.  Interview several potential agents.  Don’t be shy.  Ask all of the questions you might have, especially those which will confirm the person’s integrity, depth of experience and knowledge of real estate, including these:

1. How long have you been in business?

2. What certifications and designations do you hold, such as ABR, SFR, etc?

3. Will both you and your Broker represent only my interests in the transaction?

4. May I have a list of references from clients you have served who I could contact to hear first hand about their experience?

5. May I have a list of persons actively involved with real estate or related field that you have done business with and would recommend you to me?

6. What fees do you charge, and how are they paid?

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