Brian Elvin had known Max Gordon for more than 25 years through his legal work. When he was building a new home, he worked with Max Gordon Real Estate Services to successfully navigate the process. He recently shared his experience working with Max.


Why did you decide to work with Max Gordon Real Estate Services?

I have known Max for more than 25 years, through his legal work on our trust and estate planning. Through that association, I found out that he also had distinct experience and expertise in real estate. When we decided to build a new house, Max was the first person I called.


What did you like best about working with Max?

He was especially helpful in working with the builder and real estate agent for the builder. We were first time builders, and Max was able to help us navigate everything with ease.

He reduced any anxiety we might have had through his relentless, detailed review of everything. He reviewed the contracts with such care that we never had to worry about the process. He thinks through every potential issue, and his legal background is incredibly helpful.


Would you recommend Max to someone buying or building a house?

Absolutely. Many of our family members have used him for legal and real estate work. He is so easy to work with, thorough, and resourceful, and he always puts his clients’ interests first.

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